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"The Worldwide Ekklesia" started many years ago as a home Biblestudy group with the name "Bijbelkring Ekklesia". (in those days only in Dutch language)

These days it is getting more and more the shape of an international church on the Internet with the emphasis on pure and Biblical messages, and studies.

Do you like this idea or the messages?
Then you are most welcome to join us!


There are many reasons that can motivate you to join.
are a few of those reasons.




Every day a Bible message with plain explanations that will help you to grow in your faith.

Answers on questions you may have, directly to you, or in a new daily message, if it cannot be answered with a few words, or if I received the same question from more people.

When you already have a Facebook account you can easily and quickly join the group "The Worldwide Ekklesia", and easily read, and react on the messages.


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Harry Schoemaker

Rhijnauwensingel 176
3077 EV  Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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